١صˡ,١͹,෹ ١ҧ ١͹ Filter Aluminum ѧ Air Filter кҡ ͹ Activated Carbon Media Bio-Media Ե˹кԡҤҡѹͧ Ѻ觷ӵẺ١ҵͧ ͤسش˹ع

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ͺẺѺẺմ ҧ 2 شẺ
Polyester Air Filter,Frame Aluminium  Synthetic,Filter Aluminuim,Air Filter
Type Square ,Wall Type Supply Air ,Ceiling Type Square,Return Air Grill

Polyurethane Wheel /Nylon Wheel/Rubber Wheel/Cast Iron Wheel/Heavy

Caster Medium Duty Caster Light Duty Caster /Industrial Wheel




Ventilation Axial Fans, Back Ward Curved Blower

 Four Ward Curved,Dust Collector,Portable Dust,Activated Carbon

Room,Positive Room,Clean Room,Wet Scrubber,Negative

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